Terms & Conditions

This booking service is operated by:

Use of the ‘Booking Service’ and website by you ("the Customer") is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Bookings made to ‘the ‘Booking Service’ by the Customer are made on behalf of the accommodation provider. The Customer agrees that the Accommodation provider has sole responsibility for delivery of the services being booked by the Customer and that ‘the ‘Booking Service’ is not liable for default by the accommodation provider. 


  2. The Customer agrees to pay to ‘the ‘Booking Service’ by debit to Customer’s credit card account the specified booking fee and cost of the accommodation. All fees are Tax inclusive where applicable. The ‘Booking Service’ will issue the Customer with a valid confirmation in respect of this booking service.


  3. The ‘Booking Service’ receives a payment from the accommodation provider for providing this booking service. 


  4. The customer acknowledges that a third party ("Card Authoriser") will process the credit card transactions required in respect of a booking. The Customer agrees that the ‘Booking Service’ is not liable for default by the Card Authoriser. 


  5. Cancellation penalties depend upon individual accommodation provider policies. 


  6. You may be required to present photo ID on arrival at the accommodation provider premises. A credit card imprint or cash deposit may be required to cover incidental charges. 


  7. Information on the ‘Booking Service’ website is based on information supplied by each accommodation provider. Whilst the ‘Booking Service’ endeavours to ensure all information presented is accurate, it makes no guarantee that the information is free from errors or faults, and accepts no liability for any errors or omissions as all information in relation to accommodation and premises is provided by the accommodation provider. 


  8. The ‘Booking Service’ makes no warranty or representation about the suitability of any product or service being advertised on its website. 


  9. The ‘Booking Service’ does not pay commissions to travel agents using this booking service. 


  10. The ‘Booking Service’ reserves the right to change information published on its website at any time. 


  11. The ‘Booking Service’ needs to collect personal information about you to process your booking for accommodation. If the ‘Booking Service’ cannot collect this information, it will be unable to make a booking in your name. The ‘Booking Service’ respects your privacy and will only use or disclose your information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. Please read our privacy policy.


  12. If you wish to make a booking, we will provide your information to the accommodation provider so that your booking may be processed. 


  13. This agreement is governed by the laws of where the ‘Booking Service’ is located (unless otherwise specified) and the parties agree to the appropriate jurisdiction for any legal proceedings arising out of this agreement.