Rates & Availability

Index – (Refer to numbers on diagram below)

Select the room you want to update from the drop-down menu at the top of the page (the drop-down menu will display all of your room types – you can only update one room type at a time) 

1. Enter the full price
2. Enter a last minute sell price or leave empty to disable this feature
3. Only tick this box if you want to have a last minute sell price (if you use this feature ensure you have an amount in No.2)
4. Minimum stay – indicate minimum stay if more than 1 day    (0 = overnight)
5. Rooms to sell (0 means the room is on 24 hr request ) ….  1+ means this number of room/s is/are available for instant sell.
(24 hour request means that this booking is on REQUEST only. The accommodation provider has 24 hours to respond with an ACCEPT or DECLINE. In most cases the accommodation provider will respond promptly. To speed the process, we will send an SMS/Text to the accommodation provided with the request . Once the reservation request is accepted by the accommodation provider, the correct amount will be securely debited from the customers card and a confirmation will immediately be forwarded to all parties (24/7). (If the customer has provided us with a mobile/cell number, we will also SMS the customer the response).

If the customers reservation request is not accepted within 24 hours, the customer will be notified by email & SMS (if mobile number is provided). The Customers card will not be debited. This will leave the customer free to choose alternative accommodation.)

6. Rooms sold will be automatically updated when a room is sold through us
7. Tick this box if the room is to be made available to sell.
8. This section is for inclusions – The inclusions will be highlighted when the cursor hovers over this room on the main page.
9. SAVE details for the first day…. very important to do this.
10. Click "1 Day" to copy and save details for one day to the next day     OR

11. Click "6 Days" to copy and save details from day one to the next 6 days.  

Each day can then be amended individually BUT ensure you SAVE any changes for that day … before moving to the next day. 

12. When you have set up the rates and availability for one week … that week can be copied for in excess of 52 weeks.  Holiday periods can then be adjusted the same way.

Let us know if you require any assistance.