The Grand Strzelecki Track

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100 km of walking and hiking tracks from Morwell National Park to Tarra Bulga National Park

Gippsland's great wildnerness bushwalk

Mack's Creek loop - 24 kms - 1 day hike

Southeast of Balook this captivating loop trail features damp rainforest gullies, 11 creek crossings and magical waterfalls due to frequent rain.

Starting at Mack’s Creek Hall, you’ll pass through recently harvested plantations leading to extensive Mountain Ash forests, with gullies and rare Hazel Pomaderris shrubs. A steep section of the track leads to one of the numerous crossings of Mack’s Creek.

See the Strzelecki Ranges’ most attractive waterfall, situated among unusually large filmy-ferns (Hymenophyllum species). Enjoy scenic views of Yarram and Alberton townships and also the Ninety Mile Beach and Corner Inlet.

The trail passes through a mosaic of farmland, plantations and native eucalypt forest. The latter is ideal for spotting a sleepy koala or two.

You’ll also walk through a warm temperate rainforest in danger of extinction. And see firsthand the bush rehabilitation, including blackberry and willow removal, and regeneration with substantial rainforest tree plantings.

Walk along the historic coach road between Balook and Yarram and enjoy spectacular coastal views.

Mt Tassie loop - 18.5 kms - 1 day hike

Deep in the eastern heart of the Strzelecki Ranges, this cool, shaded loop trail features Victorian temperate rainforest of giant Mountain Ash eucalypts and lush tree ferns.

Discover remnant old growth and unusual Blackwood forests. See evidence of our early settlement logging history including gigantic springboard-slotted tree stumps.

Climb to Mt Tassie and you reach the highest peak of the Strzelecki Ranges at 720m above sea level. Here you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking 360o views: north across the Latrobe Valley and Great Dividing Range beyond, east towards Longford and the Ninety Mile Beach, south to Wilson’s Promontory and west across the scenic Traralgon Creek valley.

See the devastating impact of 2009’s Black Saturday bushfires and how the forest is faring today. Pass through managed plantations and observe endangered damp forest containing ancient Mountain Grey Gum, Blue Gum and Messmate eucalypts that are now regenerating. Mountain Grey Gum and Blue Gum are the main food source of the unique Strzelecki Koala.

This trail also passes the site of the historic Morningside Grange homestead marked by enormous Sitka Spruce trees.

Tarra Valley loop - 17.8 kms - 1 day hike

is is a wondrous loop walk through the magnificent Tarra Valley, home to some of the best primeval rainforest in Victoria.

This trail features an array of waterfalls, including Cyathea Falls and Tarra Falls, and many endangered Slender Tree-ferns (Cyathea cunninghamii), as well as ancient specimens of Myrtle Beech (Nothofagus cunninghamii).

There’s a great picnic area in the Tarra Valley – perfect for a quiet lunch with your friends and family.

During the walk you’ll have great views of the Ninety Mile Beach and surrounds, as well as the chance to observe the recovering native forest, decimated by the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires.

This section of the GST connects with the Tarra Valley settlement offering accommodation such as caravan parks or three-star bed and breakfast.

Park to Park (Billy's Creek) - 36 kms - 1 or more days hike

Starting from the west, this linear segment of the GST follows Billy’s Creek, from Morwell National Park, up to Tarra–Bulga National Park and the tiny township of Balook 647m above sea level.

This walk can be done in either direction, depending on if you like walking up hills or down.

Starting from Morwell National Park, you’ll walk through the deep, enclosed valley of Billy’s Creek; a pristine stream with many rock pools and an abundance of freshwater crayfish, trout and eels.

With over 30,000 trees planted to rehabilitate the Billy’s Creek area, this catchment is home to many koalas and friendly kookaburras.

You’ll get to see the old Billy’s Creek weir, originally built in 1914 to supply water to the township of Morwell.

As you walk deeper into the Strzelecki Ranges, you’ll pass nearby cliffs and waterfalls that punctuate the dense mixed eucalypt forest.

Giant Mountain Ash trees, beautiful tree fern gullies and ancient myrtle beeches feature upon reaching the cool temperate rainforest of Tarra-Bulga National Park.


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